Facts & figures 2020


Just as we kicked the year off strongly, the Corona virus emerged out of nowhere! It has not been easy, and I’m humbled by our colleagues who have tirelessly delivered despite the challenging circumstances. Thanks to them, we successfully made it through 2020.

The pandemic hit hard on IKEA Southeast Asia & Mexico, with closed stores and multiple Covid restrictions, but our retail teams adapted and almost overnight, transformed our stores and shopping centres to fulfil the growing number of web orders and deliveries. The team has also done an incredible job in preparing for store openings in 2021 in Mexico, Singapore and the Philippines.

Ikano Bostad achieved record sales of apartments in both Sweden and Denmark and Ikano Bank continued its important digital transformation. As a Group, we established a much closer cooperation with different IKEA organisations thanks to future common projects. One example is a new partnership opportunity that several co-workers worked to develop between Ikano Bank and Ingka Group. Add to this, our Insurance team continues to bring HEMSÄKER home insurance to more of the many in new markets, a product that is now part of the new IKEA financial services strategy.

Even with several months of marginal production in Poland, Ikano Industry ended the year strongly but in the process the team implemented necessary actions to reduce operational cost, adjust the supply chain and align direct and indirect costs with the current market situation. At the same time Ikano Industry has successfully managed to start up some production in the new factory in Saltillo, Mexico.

2020 was especially challenging for Ikano Insight, as many clients had other priorities than data and analytics. But the team steamed ahead and kept servicing the clients’ needs despite the UK lockdown and we are seeing tremendous progress with clients across several industries.

The pandemic only made it clearer that people are our greatest asset. Fact is, in times of crisis, we have the responsibility to act in the best interest of our co-workers, customers, and other stakeholders. We therefore made it a priority to manage and retain talent while controlling cost as the outmost importance. Finding new ways of working and reinventing business-as-usual while complying with local labour laws to ensure we put health and safety of our co-workers first.

During 2020, we contributed EUR 800,000 to more than 32 local initiatives across our Ikano countries, providing much needed Covid-19 emergency relief to vulnerable people who have it even worse in times of the pandemic. This was a Group-wide effort and one we are proud to share with the world!

Sustainability is one of our top priorities for the year ahead, and in October, we hosted a digital event, where all our 7,000 co-workers were invited to take part in this crucial journey to become a truly sustainable group of companies.

As we turn the page on 2020 and cautiously look toward 2021, the pandemic will undoubtedly continue to present unforeseen challenges. Together, we’ve come a long way and we will continue to stay alert and act smartly - and most importantly we will remain hopeful for the future.

Our vision

To create possibilities for better living.

Our mission

Simplifying the many people’s lives so they can focus on living

Our values and promise

We are who we are because of our values and culture. Three strong values guide all our Ikano businesses:

  • Common sense and simplicity
  • Working together
  • Daring to be different

The values support our promise to be on fair terms.

We want our customers, partners and co-workers to choose us for what we stand for, what we deliver and how we deliver it. We have built our own identity, but our constant drive to simplify people’s lives and our cost-conscious mindset remain the same.

Together, we work for a safe and healthy workplace!

As a safety engineer, my most important task is to support and create the conditions for our business and co-workers to work in a safe and healthy way.

No one should get hurt or sick because of their work. It gives me a lot of energy to be able to work with health and safety in an organisation where we truly care for each other, and I feel fortunate to be involved in developing this as part of Ikano Bostad’s operations. This has been especially important during 2020 as we all fought and are still fighting to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

At Ikano Bostad, not only do we build great homes for the many people, but also create efficient and stable workplaces for our co-workers. For us, everyone’s skills and experiences are equally important and needed to develop our company. During my three years here, I feel that I’ve developed both in my professional role and as a person. Now, I look forward to exciting times ahead. Together, we work for a safe and healthy workplace!

Kristina Börjesson

Safety Engineer
Ikano Bostad

Our 2020
at a glance

More than


co-workers in 17 countries

EUR 800k was spent on 32 local initiatives to help some of the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ikano Bostad increased the share of fossil-free energy use from 89% to 96%

1.1 million desks sold for home offices across our Ikano Retail markets

Ikano Industry Mexico is first the North American supplier to pass IKEAs Go No Go audit in first attempt


million customer data records analysed in 2020

28 tons29 tons30 tons31 tons32 tons33 tons34 tons35 tons

Ikano Bank in Sweden recycled a total of 704 kg equipment, saving 34,737 kg CO² equivalent

Ikano Bank

We create possibilities for better living by offering simple, fair and affordable services, enabling a healthy economy for the many people. Our offer to consumers includes private label cards, credit cards, savings and loans. We deliver sales, finance and customer insight services to retail partners and provide businesses with leasing and factoring solutions. We aim to grow significantly in the coming years by becoming a truly digital and entrepreneurial-driven bank – providing solutions that simplify people’s everyday life and help businesses grow.

Open accounts

Loans: 837,000
Deposit accounts: 222,000
Leasing contracts: 68,000
Private label cards: 2.4 million
Visa / Mastercard: 735,000

Facts at a glance

No. of co-workers: 1,501
Business volume: 6.1 billion

Our markets

Ikano Bank AB operates in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the UK. Ikano Bank LLC operates in Russia.

The year in brief
  • 2020 was the first year in our two-year strategy to become more relevant to customers, improve cost efficiency, continue to work for a sustainable society and keep our position as an attractive employer.
  • We invested in the latest technology to develop a new platform. In the coming years, we will roll out our new retail finance solution, Ikano Pay, built on this platform.
  • In June, an e-commerce solution was launched for IKEA in Poland, where customers’ loan applications are processed and approved directly at check-out.
  • In November, an e-commerce solution was upgraded and launched for IKEA in Germany helping our customers in times when physical stores are closed. Increased online sales created good growth for our digital invoicing solution, launched in 2019.
  • During the year, we updated our sustainability direction.
    We received customer recognition with the Fairness Award in Germany, and was recognised as one of the top 100 Career Companies in Sweden.

29,000 hours saved with automated customer processes

Ikano Bank financed 1,114 solar panel installations, generating some 4498 MWh

6.4 tons6.5 tons6.6 tons6.7 tons6.8 tons6.9 tons7.0 tons7.1 tons

reduction in internal paper consumption 2018-2020

Ikano Bostad

We offer space efficient, functional and sustainable homes at affordable prices for people at all stages of life. We develop, build, own and manage tenant-owned apartments, rental apartments, townhouses and nursing homes. We look for new ways to improve not only the homes we offer, but also the surroundings. We want to create communities where people meet, greet and look after one another. A place where people feel at home from the moment they step into their courtyard.

Facts at a glance

No. of co-workers: 441
Turnover: 403 MEUR
Market value of properties and landbank: 1,788 MEUR

Our properties and projects

Apt./townhouses under contruct.: 1 516

Rental apt.: 5 933 (447 507 sq.m)

Nursing homes: 6 (367 apt, 28 105 sq.m)

Offices: 2 (24 823 sq.m)

Landbank: 157,000 sq.m

Building rights: 10,000 (all phases)

Our markets

Sweden: Gothenburg, Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås
Denmark: Copenhagen area

The year in brief
  • Our results were all time high despite the pandemic.
  • 986 apartments/town houses were sold.
  • We increased our customer satisfaction result in all areas.
  • The employee engagement score increased as well as the leadership satisfaction score.
  • Construction started on our first 115 apartments to be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolable (Svanen).
  • 63% of our completed projects in 2020 offer carpool facilities (50% in 2019).
  • We increased the share of fossil-free energy use from 89% (2019) to 96% (2020).
  • We created a roadmap to become a climate neutral company by 2030.
  • As part of reducing our footprint, all co-workers have set their own individual climate goal.
  • We have gone through a rapid digital transformation to find new ways of meeting customers and collaborating remotely.

99.2% of our rental apartments were rented out

60% of the Ikano Bostad Management team are women

Since 2014, we have helped 75 people change their lives - from social exclusion to work and education

We have reduced our energy consumption by 60% since 2014

Ikano Industry

Ikano Industry aims to be IKEA’s leading supplier of mattresses and related products. Combined, our two facilities in Rogoźno and Krajenka, Poland, create one of the largest and most modern mattress production lines in Europe. We have also started establishing a manufacturing site in Mexico and have some 200 co-workers in place. Over the next years, we will grow with even more co-workers and extend our markets to also include the Americas. Our focus is quality and sustainablity in everything we do while our company culture, characterised by teamwork and innovation, leads us forward.

Facts at a glance

No. of co-workers: 1,074
Turnover: EUR 103 million

Mattresses sold
Our markets

Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, the Americas

The year in brief
  • In Poland, we successfully developed a new foam mattress collection for IKEA.
  • We started cooperation with a new client, EMMA Mattress.
  • We opened a canteen for co-workers in Rogoźno, Poland offering about 2,500 subsidised lunches per month.
  • Our team in Mexico grew from a handful to more than 200 co-workers.
  • We became the first North American supplier to pass IKEAs Go, No Go audit on the first attempt. We also passed IKEAs IWAY audit, with some of the strictest standards in the world.
  • Following a training and testing period, we achieved IKEA approval to manufacture KIVIK sofas for the North American market.
  • Our pilot plant in Mexico produced some 10,000 mattress covers for our sister plant in Rogoźno.

Over 2.5 million mattresses produced

Our Polish team produced over 32,000 protective masks for co-workers, hospitals and others in need.

221 of 962 Ikano Industry co-workers in Poland have been with us for more than 10 years

Ikano Insurance

Ikano Re and Ikano Insurance Advisory provide reinsurance solutions and advisory services for the global operations of actors within the IKEA franchise system. Our offering covers areas such as transportation, property, liability and employees.

Facts at a glance

No. of co-workers: 13
Gross premiums written: EUR 82 million

The year in brief
  • HEMSÄKER, our digital home insurance initiative for the many people was launched during 2020 in Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Despite heavy business interruption due to Covid-19, our claims situation was satisfactory.
  • Figures from our major employee benefit portfolio indicate that the pandemic kept co-workers from going to the doctor. They also indicate that mental health issues are on the rise causing disability claims.
  • Due to a competitive and regulated insurance market, transferring risk in the corporate market is getting increasingly expensive.

Ikano Insight

We are a data insight and business intelligence agency. We transform everyday customer and business data into meaningful, actionable insights by making the complex simple across three key areas of expertise: Business Intelligence, CRM & Engagement and Advanced Analytics.

Facts at a glance

No. of co-workers: 28

Our markets

Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Polan, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK

The year in brief
  • Internal focus on transformation across all areas of our business: from refreshing our IT strategy, reviewing our tech partners to redefining our brand proposition and evolving our expertise areas.
  • Started a number of data insight projects for Ikano Group companies, offering a diverse range of data solutions from recruitment, manufacturing, consumer loyalty and business intelligence.
  • Key partner of IKEA Southeast Asia and Mexico for their Data to Insights (D2i) project: an enterprise-wide data warehouse solution that will deliver a range of business intelligence dashboards across all operational areas.
  • Launch of IKEA Family in Mexico: developed a value proposition, together with their communication strategy and supported the successful ecommerce launch in October 2020.
  • Developed a strong go-to-market strategy to support external new business from 2021 onwards.

36 families in refuges provided with digital equipment for homeschooling

30% increase in email engagement


million personalised email communications

56% costs saved by changing IT service providers

Ikano Retail

We create a better everyday life for the many people through our IKEA meeting points and Ikano Centres, offering a great day out and affordable home furnishings in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico. Our entrepreneurial team has ambitious plans to expand into new markets, inspires people to make home count and helps lead the movement toward sustainable living.

Facts at a glance

No. of co-workers: 3,897
Turnover: 686 million EUR

Our IKEA stores

No. of catalogues released: 3.5 million
No. of visits: 21.3 million
No. of children to Småland: 26,686
No. of meatballs sold: 26.3 million
No. of chicken balls sold: 1.6 million
No. of veggie balls sold: 0.5 million
No. of plant balls sold: 0.3 million

Our shopping centres

No. of visits: 52.1 million
Gross leasable m2: 544,000 incl. IKEA stores
No. of rented units: 1,732

The year in brief
  • In the year when COVID forced our businesses to close, we welcomed 92 million visits to IKEA country websites and fulfilled 616,000 ecommerce orders.
  • We met another 73 million visitors at our IKEA stores and Ikano Centres, providing a safe and fun day out during challenging times.
  • We sold 1.1 million desks and grew our sales in Workspaces by 18% as people turned to IKEA to reinvent their life at home.
  • We built our IKEA culture and reached a record high of 82% for co-worker engagement in our feedback survey.
  • We reduced food waste by 50% two years after launching an innovative Waste Watcher programme in our IKEA restaurants.
  • We donated 145 IKEA Shelters and many more goods and services to people on the front lines of COVID in our communities.

1.7 million1.8 million1.9 million2.0 million2.1 million2.2 million2.3 million2.4 million

IKEA Family members as we grew our loyalty programme

1 million2 million3 million

hours clocked by construction workers at four work sites

10% parcel deliveries made by electric vehicles in Mexico


IKEA sales generated by products that support sustainable living

I realise how fulfilling it is to work for a company where the challenges we face do not limit us, but where our limits are challenged, and in a fully respectful way.

After four years of working at IKEA, I can easily share instances when I have seen our values in action. IKEA values, for me, live in the “everyday” through small deeds, decisions, and how we interact with each other. I could never have imagined how the same values would move major areas of our business and on such a wide scale until last year.

Situations like a pandemic put an organisation’s culture to the test, and how IKEA responded to COVID-19 really made our values shine. We came together to reinvent the stores by turning them into fulfilment centres. It might have been easier to just wind down our operations, but IKEA took responsibility, and by doing so provided job security to our many co-workers.

We met obstacles along the way, but also delivered that much-needed MICKE work desk, furnishing for quarantines, cookware for the new home chefs, and thousands of MÅLA easels to parent-teachers and their now home-schooled kids. Like many co-workers, I feel proud to be part of a company that has found a way to create better everyday lives for those who equally felt overwhelmed by the global crisis.

It was only natural to stay true to our IKEA values and vision during such a challenging time. When company values connect with the co-workers at such a personal level, you know that it is special—something that truly makes a difference.

While the pandemic hasn’t passed, I realise how fulfilling it is to work for a company where the challenges we face do not limit us, but where our limits are challenged, and in a fully respectful way.

Airam Ferrer (Em)

Communication Specialist
IKEA Singapore stores

Our IKEA stores


IKEA Tampines
IKEA Alexandra


IKEA Damansara
IKEA Cheras
IKEA Tebrau
IKEA Batu Kawan


IKEA Bang Yai
IKEA Bangna
IKEA Phuket



Our Ikano centres


Batu Kawan Link Building



Our financial results 2020

Over the year, the pandemic presented numerous challenges to all our Ikano Group companies. But it also became clear that we are resilient. In the face of tough trading and economic conditions, Ikano Group successfully maintained its turnover level of EUR 1.6bn (same as in 2019), and kept a sound financial solidity. We continued to invest in our businesses, allocating EUR 140 million to Ikano Bostad, Ikano Industry and Ikano Retail, to ensure sustainable growth. In addition to our annual contribution of EUR 2 million to various charitable causes, we donated an additional EUR 800,000 to those badly hit by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Yohann Adolphe

Group CFO

Ikano Group Organisation

Ikano Group Services management

Jean Champagne Group Head of HR

Kajsa Holst Group Sustainability Manager

Lars Thorsén Group CEO

Marie Gällstad Group Head of Communication

Mats Håkansson Group Vice President

Suneeti Kaushal Group Head of Internal Audit,
Operational Risk and Compliance

Yohann Adolphe Group CFO

Ikano Business Leaders

Christian Roejkjaer Ikano Retail

Henrik Eklund Ikano Bank

Karen Pflug Ikano Insight

Robert Jaaniste Ikano Bostad

Sebastian Luczynski Ikano Industry

Tomas Wittbjer Ikano Re Ikano Insurance Advisory

Ikano S.A. Supervisory Board

Jonas Kamprad


Peter Kamprad

Board member

Mathias Kamprad

Board member

Eva Cederbalk

Board member

Per Karlsson

Board member

Mikael Ohlsson

Board member

Måns Hultman

Board member

Anders Kupsu

Board member

Thank you for reading our Ikano Facts & Figures. 2020 was an extremely difficult year for all but togetherness, a strong culture and everybody’s hard work helped us get through it. We could not have done it without you!